I love my dogs, they are a huge part of our life. They can be your best mate, when you are having a bad day, they still turn up with a smile on their face. They love you all day and every day, just happy to be with you. Maybe they work with you or are just a friend, either way they are very important to you.

But the hard part of loving a dog is that they wont be here for ever. Oh we know how sad that day will be. To look on the bright side, lets create something beautiful for you, that you will have for ever. Either amazing art work on the walls of your home, or something small and precious for keep sake.

So lets create some beautiful images of your handsome pet, or your best mate. You can view my products page for some ideas, or give me a call and we can have a chat about what suits you both. This session is a fun, loving time, I am very kind to your dogs and can work with all personalities.