I have a life time of experience with horses, I have ridden in many different disciplines. I know the value and the importance of keeping them safe during the photo shoot. I have the knowledge and understanding to pose you both suitably for each discipline. I have trained horses myself, I understand the time and money that goes towards each equine.

We all love our horses, we spend many hours together training, the fun, success and the not so successful times at the shows, or just loving them in the paddock. Sadly as we all know unfortunately sometimes the worst thing can happen. I believe the most important thing is to have is a beautiful photo. Don't be the one who says "I wish I had a good photo".

Lets get in touch and arrange a time to have the photo shoot, so I can create beautiful art work for the walls of your home, or something small for your keepsake. Have a look at my products page for some ideas. Contact me for a chat and we will arrange a time and location that suits you.