Hi there!

Welcome to Liz Speed Photography.

I am an AIPP Accredited Professional Portrait Photographer. I grew up on a sheep station in Southern Queensland which brought with it a wonderful, wholesome country lifestyle. And with that lifestyle, it implanted the love I have for animals, where they have become part of my family.

Living on the land with two younger brothers brought many fun times and lots of mischief! We used to ride our ponies bareback and chase the kangaroos down the flat, which we could never catch but we gave it a good try!

My love for competing and horse shows began young. Our whole family would prepare our ponies together and attended the local shows where we had some great times and some success. My favourite pony called Bluey, the bond we had was memorable, he trusted me and would jump anything I ask.

We had no fear.

With the great times we all had, I learned the value of great photos. My mother was not the greatest photographer, despite her best efforts she could never quite get my head and my horses’ hooves in the same picture.

Once I graduated high school, I travelled a lot. I travelled through Europe and lived in London for a few years. I learned to live life in the fast lane and experience the expensive lifestyle of the Londoners. I loved to visit the Newmarket races and the steeple chases with family friends.

I eventually came home to follow my love of horses to where I trained polo ponies for many years with the Gilmore family and the late Kerry Packer. We got to travel up and down eastern Australia to all the major polo events. It was a great experience!

Later I moved to Central Queensland and lived on a cattle station for many years where I raised my two wonderful children. This is where I fell into my love of cutting horses! The liberation and fun we had training and showing these cow smart quarter horses was unreal.

I had the blessing to have owned and shown great horses which we as a family loved. It was here that my passion of capturing the movements and grit of these animals really came ahead. As we would travel on the Queensland show circuit, I’d bring my camera along to capture these moments.

Many years on and I still have this passion for capturing peoples most authentic and truly beautiful moments.

Living on the land has taught me many things, it can be rewarding and challenging with everyday being affected by mother nature. Life is a wonderful journey, with its ups and downs, and challenges when you least expect them.

Make the most of life and fill it with lots of love, happiness and photos!

I hope that you enjoy browsing through my website!